There’s A Wild Deal On Le Creuset’s Cast-Iron Skillet For Prime Day

While you’re probably still trying to recalibrate from all of the other deals you spent money on yesterday (including on our Dash Stand Mixer, which is currently on sale for $49.99!), I’ve got one more you’ll definitely want to put your money toward.

Le Creuset Square Skillet Grill Pan
Le Creuset, the beloved French cookware manufacturer that’s best known for their colorful collections, is having the sale of a lifetime right now on their square skillet; it’s up to 41 percent off. That’s right, y’all. You can get one of those fancy cast-iron skillets for less than $100 right now! Please don’t faint yet, though, because I’ve got details.
The pan, which comes in three colors—red, blue, and orange—are all regularly priced well over $100, so to be able to nab one for less than that is truly a dream come true. Each of the skillets measure at 10.25 inches and include grill ridges that help with lower-fat cooking. So what’s the actual price of this beloved product, you ask? You can get one for the mere price of $99.95. If you’re a Prime member, you’ll be cooking with your newest addition in two-to-three days.
With the price being so low, you may find yourself wanting to grab more than one color and that’s totally OK with me. Just remember that these are not dishwasher safe, so you’ll want to wash them by hand. Not sure how to properly take care of your cast iron skillet? Be sure to check out our tips before purchasing yours.

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