Rachael Ray And Her Husband Are Both Safe After A Fire Damaged Their Home This Weekend

Celebrity chef Rachael Ray and her husband John Cusimano are safe following a fire at their New York home this weekend.
The Warren County Sheriff confirmed there was a fire at Rachael’s Lake Luzerne home around 7:30 p.m. on Sunday evening, according to KRQE. She and her “family members” were home at the time of the fire, but her rep also said that Rachael, John, and their pup are all OK.
“Rachael, her husband and their dog Bella are safe. The house is unfortunately damaged and we don’t yet know to what extent,” they told the outlet.
On Monday, Rachael posted a tweet about the house fire and thanked first responders for all of their help and kindness throughout the ordeal. She also confirmed that her mom was there at the house as well, but that she is thankfully also safe.
Thank you to our local first responders for being kind and gracious and saving what they could of our home. Grateful that my mom, my husband, my dog… we’re all okay. These are the days we all have to be grateful for what we have, not what we’ve lost.
“These are the days we all have to be grateful for what we have, not what we’ve lost,” she said in part. Rachael also thanked her fans and friends for well-wishes but said she lost her phone in the fire, so she wouldn’t be able to return texts or calls at the moment.
PEOPLE reported that this is the home where Rachael has been socially isolating and filming some recipes during the COVID-19 pandemic. She recently gave viewers a tour of the space.

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