PSA: This Smelly Cat Mug Is Perfect For 'Friends' Fans

PSA: This Smelly Cat Mug Is Perfect For 'Friends' Fans

Cats are kind of a big deal in the Friends universe. Over the course of the sitcom’s decade-long run, plenty of talented felines made unforgettable appearances in the lives of our six heroes.

Who could forget Mrs. Whiskerson, Rachel’s bald and ill-tempered impulse purchase? Or when Phoebe was convinced a lost tabby was her reincarnated mother?

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Another nameless cat played a pivotal role in the show’s iconic love story (it jumped on Ross’s head before he was able to confess his love for Rachel).

Perhaps the most important cat of the series, though, never even graced our screens. You know who I’m talking about: Smelly cat.

We don’t know much about Phoebe’s mysterious muse, but the song inspired by the filthy feline is a bona fide classic 25 years after its NBC debut.

That’s why I—a fanatic of both Friends and cats in general—was thrilled when I stumbled upon this absolutely fantastic mug on Pottery Barn’s website.

Buy it! Pottery Barn, $14.50

What better way to celebrate the neglected pet than by sipping a steaming cup of coffee out of its likeness?

“A scent-sational gift for any Friends lover on your holiday list, this quirky mug features a line from Phoebe’s iconic ballad. Warning: It may inspire a singalong,” the store warns.

Not a coffee or tea drinker? Don’t worry. The gray and white cat drawing, complete with cartoon “stink” lines, is also available as a framed print.

Buy it! Pottery Barn, $56-$189

You’re welcome.

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