Pringles Released ‘Moa Burger’ Wavy Chips Inspired By The Video Game Halo

Pringles Wavy Moa Burger crisps are a dream for those who want sweet, savory, and spicy packed into one super-crunchy chip. If you have absolutely no clue what goes on in the Halo universe (hi, me!), “Moa are large, flightless bird-like creatures with two legs, wings, scales from the neck up, and a lizard-like head—similar to the extinct bird from New Zealand of the same name,” according to a press release. “The bird is native to the Halo planet called Reach and is the signature dish of a restaurant chain in that universe, so the gaming community is continually curious about what Moa might taste like in burger form.”
From the looks of it, the burger features four patties with various sauces, veggies, and cheese. So what are the actual flavors you can expect from the chips? You’ll taste a blend of garlic, sweet ginger, beef, chili pepper, and red pepper. The chips are already available for a limited time at Walmart. It’s likely a safe bet they cost the same as any typical Pringles can. People are pumped up for these in the comments of Pringles’s Instagram post announcing it, so grab them before they’re gone!

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