Patrick Mahomes Said He Will Be Putting Ketchup On His Thanksgiving Turkey

Even if you’re not a football fan, you probably know who Patrick Mahomes is. He’s currently the biggest star in the NFL as quarterback for Kansas City Chiefs, and is just pretty much beloved by everyone. But he recently had a very unpopular take that just might make you look at your Thanksgiving plate completely differently…and it involves ketchup.
The football star was on KCSP 610 Sports Radio this week, when they asked him, among other things, about his Thanksgiving plans. He said he of course enjoys getting together with his family or his team and eating good food, and one of the hosts asked if that involves him putting ketchup on turkey.
“I mean you’ve gotta put ketchup on that. Turkey and ham!” he said, before clarifying that he was, in fact, not joking.
It turns out Patrick has kind of a thing with ketchup in that he LOVES it. He’s an official brand ambassador for Hunt’s ketchup, and has said in the past he puts ketchup on pretty much everything including mac & cheese. A recent commercial for State Farm even shows him putting it on steak…so I think it’s safe to assume that turkey and ham won’t be the only things he puts ketchup on this Thanksgiving.
Far be it from me to yuck anyone’s yum (I am from Pittsburgh, the land of Heinz ketchup, and I too put ketchup on my mac!) but Patrick’s choice of Thanksgiving condiment had many scratching their heads.
I love ketchup a lot but @PatrickMahomes has issues 🤣
@PatrickMahomes is there anything you don’t smother in ketchup? lol
@PatrickMahomes puts ketchup on turkey??
Patrick also shared some other Thanksgiving insights, including that he likes pie in general, but prefers sweet potato over pumpkin, which I can definitely appreciate! Unclear if he likes ketchup on that too, but when you win as many games as he does, I think you get free reign to top your pie however you see fit!

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