New Cheddar And Sour Cream Goldfish Reinvent Your Favorite Chip Flavor

Browsing through the chip aisle at the grocery store is a struggle—choosing a favorite flavor is like choosing a favorite child! I’ll be honest, though, I do have some chip flavors that I’ll always opt for, one of them being a classic sour cream and cheddar. The mix of cheesy and tangy is never a bad idea, and now Goldfish crackers are making their own version of the flavor that is sure to end up in your shopping cart.
Goldfish crackers don’t mess around when it comes to their flavor selection, and while original or cheddar might be your go-to choice, it’s safe to say that everyone loves some of their Flavor Blasted pouches every once in a while. The Flavor Blasted bags always have a little bit of extra flavorful dust which make them a well-rounded snack alone or a great side for a lunchtime sandwich or thrown into a soup for some crunch.
This new flavor mixes the famous cheddar flavor Goldfish are known for with a combination of the welcomed zest that comes from sour cream. Cheddar and sour cream Goldfish will be making their way to grocery store shelves this month at select retailers, with a spokesperson for the brand confirming to Delish that Target will be one of the first stores to carry them. You can expect to find them in whichever aisle you find your other Goldfish products for a suggested retail price of about $2.49. Get pumped!!

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