Kylie Jenner Tried Butterfly Pea Flower Tea, The Traditional Color-Changing Tea That TikTok Loves

If there is anything the internet loves more than delicious food and drink, it’s delicious food and drink that’s gorgeous. So when Kylie Jenner posted a video trying the gorgeous color-changing tea that’s also been going viral on TikTok, well that’s certainly one way to break the internet (are we still saying that???).
Kylie put a video of her trying this Butterfly Pea Flower Tea on her Instagram stories this week, as previously reported on by Us Weekly, and it’s so beautiful it will make your jaw drop. Now, we should preface this all by saying this tea isn’t new at all and Kylie did not exactly discover it.
The butterfly-pea plant has been made into herbal teas for centuries and this particular drink is a popular after-dinner drink in Thailand and Vietnam. The note that came with the drink on her story even explained this a bit. But many of those who aren’t familiar with this drink may be seeing it for the first time on Kylie’s Insta story or on TikTok, where this beautiful drink is gaining viral fame.
The drink starts out a deep and gorgeous blue color, but when you add a squeeze of lemon to it, it changes the PH balance of the tea, morphing it into a beautiful bright purple color. Not only is the tea a delicious and earthy flavor, it’s obviously pretty aesthetically pleasing. If you try it for yourself, you’re going to want to serve it in a clear mug or glass like it’s shown on Kylie’s story. Once the tea changed colors in her video, Kylie reacted with a “wow” and we couldn’t agree more.

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