Krispy Kreme’s First Chocolate-Glazed Friday Of 2021 Is Happening Tomorrow So Get Ready

Starting your day with a morning cup of coffee is probably an established part of your routine but consider how great your day would be if you started with a sweet treat to accompany your favorite brew. Breakfast is important, as is having filling snacks throughout the day, so it’s an absolute pleasure to inform you that Krispy Kreme is having their first Chocolate-Glazed Friday of the year tomorrow. Get ready to SNACK!
Donuts are one of those foods that blur the line between breakfast and dessert…which is exactly why we love them. This gray area makes them a food that can be enjoyed at any time of day and no one does it like Krispy Kreme. Although the chain is known for their classic glazed donuts above all else they have quite a few flavors (like ones inspired by popular desserts) for guests to choose from.
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Chocolate glazed donuts are a rarity at the chain because they aren’t available on a daily basis like the other flavors and only hit locations in the United States and Canada. Krispy Kreme brings them back every so often, usually on Fridays or other special occasions, but you have to keep an eye out on their website and socials to know exactly when. They posted on their Instagram that tomorrow, January 29, would be the first Chocolate Glazed Friday of 2021 which is absolutely something to celebrate.
The donuts consist of the same original Krispy Kreme donuts you already know and love but instead of the classic sugary glaze they’re covered in a rich chocolate glaze. Making them the ideal ratio of creamy, chocolatey, soft, and chewy on the inside. I know what my plans are for tomorrow.

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