I Tried Salsa On Oreos So You Don’t Have To And These Are My Honest Thoughts

As someone who loves anything that is both sweet and savory I was expecting a satisfying flavor profile. This may not come as a shock to any of you but salsa and Oreos totally missed the mark. Honestly…it sort of just tasted like wet Oreos and not in the good, dipped-in-milk kind of way. Since a lot of jarred salsas are sweeter than they are salty or savory, it didn’t contrast the salty sweetness of the Oreo enough. To be candid: It tasted musty, there’s no other way to describe it. If I was on a deserted island with nothing to eat besides Oreos with salsa on top I’d try to scavenge for food before eventually succumbing to the elements.
So take it from me, dear reader: Enjoy your Oreos with milk and save the salsa for your tortilla chips, as nature intended. And if you choose violence today and try out an Oreo cookie dipped in salsa don’t you dare say I didn’t warn you. You did this to yourself.
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