I Started Making My Own Salad Kits, And I’m Never Going Back

If you’re like me, you optimistically purchase a big bunch of leafy greens at the grocery store every week, only to find them wilted in the back of the fridge six days later. Not only does this create food waste (and waste my money), I am missing out on some incredible nutrients that are right there for the taking!

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I enjoy experimenting with different methods of meal prep—be it batch cooking or simply preparing a few staples for the week—and it dawned on me there was a useful place for my big, optimistic bag of kale after all. I started making my own salad kit each week, and I’m never looking back.

Even if you aren’t into meal prep, this is a really simple practice that takes all of 10 minutes or less—and you will be grateful for it the rest of the week. All there is to it is washing and chopping your vegetables of choice, massaging your greens with a little lemon juice for freshness, adding some nuts, seeds, or a grain, then covering and storing it in your fridge.

From there, you can even prep a dressing or two for more variety throughout the week. I like to make a versatile condiments, such as peanut sauce, which tastes amazing on both salads and a noodle bowl or stir-fry for dinner one night. I also make a lemon-tahini dressing that turns my greens into an amazing Mediterranean-inspired wrap for work lunches. This a great option when I’ve had a busy weekend and don’t have the time to do a full-on meal prep for the week (i.e. when I just really don’t feel like it).

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Salad prep has been a great move as someone who used to buy expensive salad kits—which can be a food safety hazard, contain fewer nutrients, and oftentimes have unhealthy toppings and dressings that I end up throwing away. Making my own tastes much fresher, and I can adapt the flavors to what I’m craving or serving for dinners throughout the week.

My go-to salad so far has been lacinato kale, red and green cabbage, shredded carrots, cucumber, quinoa and cilantro. From there, I’ll add either avocado, nuts, dried fruit, or seeds to bulk it up a bit. I then have no excuse to plop a giant handful or two onto my dinner plate or into my lunchbox!

It has been so convenient to have a big ole bowl of health at my beck and calling, that salad has actually become a desirable weeknight dinner after a long day of work when I just want something easy. All it takes is a little protein boost, some avocado or other healthy fat, and then I’m good to go. I hope this helps someone else as much as it’s helped me eat more greens!


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