Gordon Ramsay Said His Children Only Want To Talk To Him Because He’s Friends With Gigi Hadid

Gordon Ramsay has said he’s gotten exceptionally close with his family while in quarantine this year but joked that his daughters only like him because he’s friends with Gigi Hadid. In fact, the chef and the model have shared recipes with one another ever since they met back in 2016.
In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Gordon said that the reason his daughters like him has nothing to do with his expertise in the kitchen but rather because of his star-studded network: “My daughters, they love me. It’s not because I’m a fucking good chef. They love me because I talk to Gigi Hadid. That’s the only reason why they want to talk to me,” he told the outlet.
Back in 2016, Gordon and Gigi met while working on Masterchef Celebrity Showdown and have maintained a friendship ever since. Gigi often asks Gordon for cooking help or gives him recipes he should try out for himself. He told PEOPLE: “Gigi sent me this [pasta] dish a couple of weeks back on Instagram and said, ‘Chef, what do you think?’ And I said, ‘Girl, it’s good. In fact, it’s fucking good.'”
Gigi has become quite an inspiration for home cooks everywhere after she shared her spicy vodka sauce recipe earlier this year on her Instagram stories. Despite the perks having a celebrity chef dad may come with, Gordon said his relationship with his kids has blossomed throughout the otherwise difficult year.
“The bond has felt like cramming 10 vacations all at once, handed on a plate, and garnished with parsley,” Gordon told the mag. “We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve fallen in love, we’ve fallen out of love, and we came out of it so much stronger together. There’s a level of closeness like we’ve never had before.”

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