Eggo's Pumpkin Pie and Gingerbread Cookie Pancakes Are Coming to Stores Very Soon


In case you hadn’t already noticed, we’ve reached the point in the calendar where every conceivable brand and food begins to acknowledge that fall and winter is coming. You see it from lattes to ice cream to beer to just about anything even remotely edible. Now, that list also includes Eggo pancakes. 

As recently spotted on Instagram, it looks like Kellogg’s brand of non-cereal breakfast carbohydrates is coming out with a limited-edition line of not just autumnal pancakes you can make in the microwave, but a holiday-themed offering as well.

New Gingerbread Cookie and Pumpkin Pie Eggo Pancakes are headed to stores very soon! You heard it here first!

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First up on the calendar is Eggo’s Pumpkin Pie pancakes, as seen in a weirdly low-resolution photo above. Given that pancakes share a common shape with pies, I’ll give Eggo credit for not trying to shoehorn pumpkin into their product lineup as egregiously as some brands might. For folks who want to eat pumpkin pie for breakfast but possess enough dignity to not serve themselves a literal slice of the common Thanksgiving dessert right after waking up, this should be right in their wheelhouse.

If you want to zoom right past fall and head straight into winter (something many would probably consider this year if humans could actually hibernate), then load up on some gingerbread cookie pancakes. Turning the go-to cookie flavor of the holiday season, this thick-looking pancake is full of sugar, spice, and everything nice enough to get you out of bed. Again, you’re getting all of the tasty benefits of eating some treats meant for later in the day at breakfast time, which sounds pretty ideal.

While @CandyHunting’s caption suggests that these two flavors are headed to stores “very soon,” it seems like they’re already out there, if other Instagram evidence from recent days is to be believed.

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So if you want to start every day with a reminder of what season it is but you can’t stomach coffee for whatever reason, these frozen pancakes probably aren’t what any doctor would order, but they should soothe your autumnal and/or yuletide appetite. What more do you really need? 


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