Dairy Queen Is Selling a Dreamsicle Dipped Cone

Dairy Queen is embracing the changing seasons in the best way possible—with Dreamsicle Dipped Cones.

According to Chew Boom, the cone starts with a classic vanilla soft serve Dairy Queen cone dipped in a sherbet-like orange-flavored ice coating.

I don’t know about you, but I think it sounds like DQ has captured the essence of summer and used it to create this dreamy (pun definitely intended) cone.

Obviously, the dipped cone was met with extreme popularity—so much so that some locations may have even started to dip Dilly Bars in the Dreamsicle coating.

If the Dreamsicle Dipped Cone isn’t currently available at your local DQ, Chew Boom reports that it’ll probably launch nationwide on Monday, April 1, as part of the chain’s larger new 2019 spring menu release.

Can’t wait that long? Our gorgeous Orange Dreamsicle Pie just might hit the spot.


Orange Dreamsicle Pie #TGIPieday ???

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Get the recipe here.

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