Costco's Wine Advent Calendar Is Back Earlier Than Ever


With fall set to officially begin in less than a week, the holiday season (or at least brands’ understanding of when it supposedly “starts”) is closer than you might realize. On top of that, it’s entirely possible that we’ll be spending most of the winter locked down inside once the country slides further into a Covid-riddled hellscape. Add in the stress of the holidays, and you’ve already got a pretty good list of reasons for keeping as much wine on hand during the month of December.


Thankfully, as it already does in so many other ways, Costco provideth. According to Insider, Costco (or at least one particular Costco in Phoenix, Arizona) is selling an advent calendar filled with 24 unique 375-milliliter bottles of wine, giving you everything you need to get through those  long early winter nights.

Offered by Flying Blue Imports, the Wine Advent-Ure sources wines from small farmers around the globe and produces them under their own imprint in order to make them more available to consumers. Featuring wines from Chile to France and Italy to Moldova, many of the world’s major growing regions are represented here.

It’s back! 🤩 A follower sent us these photos of the Wine Advent Calendar Costco carries every year, found in the Paradise Valley, AZ location! This has 24 half bottles of wine from tons of different countries and regions! 🌎($99.99) 📸: @giftologyaz

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There seems to be a good balance of varieties (not to mention a mix of reds and whites), giving you the chance to sample old favorites and new discoveries alike. Each day, you’ll find more info about the wine you’re enjoying in case you want to stock up in the new year.

These types of wine advent calendars seem to be something of a recent trend, probably for good reason. At least it sure beats a spiked seltzer advent calendar.

It’s entirely possible that this holiday season could look unlike any that’s come before, but there’s no doubt we’re all going to need some wine to get through it. As with all things Costco, you might as well buy in bulk. 


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