Costco's New Cupcakes Have Cookies on Top Because Why Not?

If there’s one thing Costco is known for, it’s a willingness to go completely overboard and offer some of your favorite foods in bulk. Their big draw is an emphasis on quantity, rather than quality or creativity.

Of course, there’s an exception to every rule. I’m delighted to report that a recent find from the bakery section (at least one) Costco indicates that the bulk retailer may very well have changed the game when it comes to cookies, cream, and the combination thereof.

Wow These look good! Hot & New Item#1474176 Kirkland SignatureCookies 🍪 & CreamCupcakes 12CT $10.99 Found this @costco Melrose Park, IL.

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Shared by @CostcoGuy4u, what you’re looking at is a set of Costco bakery Cookies and Cream cupcakes that take the phrase very literally by placing an entire cookie on top of a frosted cupcake. Though details about what exactly is going on with the cupcake itself or the frosting are scarce, it certainly appears to be your standard edition cookies and cream (creme?) with a bonus cookie on top. That’s like two different wonderful baked goods at the same damn time. Given that you’re getting a dozen cookies and a dozen cupcakes for $10.99, the offering certainly seems to fit with Costco’s philosophy of letting you get more for less.

It’s worth pointing out that this beautiful cupcake/cookie hybrid was spotted at a particular Costco in Melrose Park, Illinois, so it’s unclear at this time how widely available this ingenious bakery innovation will be. If whoever’s in charge of setting the baking agenda at Costco has any sense, though, they’ll make these available nationwide ASAP.

So if you have a hard time choosing cookies or cupcakes, just know that Costco has provided you with a way out of that false binary. Choose cupcakes and cookies instead, and never look back. 


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