Costco Sells A Huge Bonbon Chocolate Sampler That Comes With 18 Pieces And Is Less Than $15

When I think of luxury, the first image that comes to mind is someone wearing a silk robe and enjoying chocolate bonbons paired perfectly with some sort of bubbly booze. I never thought I would be able to reach such a level of exquisite contentment, but Costco is now selling 18-count bonbon samplers that will help me get there. Praise be.
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Costco is known for selling just about everything in a wholesale fashion, but their desserts definitely take the cake (…pun totally intended). Bigger is better at Costco, and the store stocks shelves with different appetizer and dessert samplers so you can try a little bit of everything before committing to a favorite. That’s the beauty of this bonbon box that comes with 18 artisanal chocolates and six different flavors.
The flavors include pistachio, salted caramel, raspberry, passion fruit, mango, milk chocolate, and hazelnut. Each piece is made with a thin shell of Belgian chocolate that is filled with either fruit puree, caramel, or more chocolate that is whipped with fresh cream to make the center soft and rich. That chocolate is then placed on a layer of even more Belgian chocolate, hazelnut paste, and Speculoos biscuit crumbs.
For the 18-count box you’ll pay around $11.99, but that price may vary a bit depending on location. Don’t just take our word for it, though, because one commenter on @Costcosisters page said they overheard these chocolates are a must-have during their last shopping trip.
“A guy at Costco today was face timing his wife about them and she said to get three!!!” they wrote. And I trust them, truly.

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