Costco Released A Rosé As Part Of Its New Co-Branded Wine Line And It’s Just $10

K Vine wines will roll out in warehouses starting this month. The first two bottles available will be a K Vine 2019 single-vineyard chardonnay and a K Vine 2020 single-vineyard rosé, the latter of which has been getting the most attention. A single-vineyard cabernet sauvignon is expected to drop in spring 2022. This partnership is remarkable for many reasons, including the fact that K Vintners decided to put their logo on the co-branded product, an oddity for Costco’s Kirkland Signature line, which usually doesn’t feature the supplier brand on its packaging.
“I insisted on it, actually. I wanted people to know that we own it. We own the idea to make wine under K Vintners and Kirkland Signature, and it is exclusive to Costco. To me, writing a book without putting the author’s name on it seems like a waste. I mean, you might be a fan of that author, and how otherwise are you going to discover it? One should own up to their work,” Charles said in an interview with Costco Connection.
So far, some Costco fans have already spotted the wines in their local warehouse (of course, what’s available near you will vary, and not all warehouses will feature wine). Costco Wine Blog tried both and dubbed the rosé “solid all around.” They noted it would be even better on a hot day, and I think I speak for all of us when I say, we’re all ready for that!

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