Costco Is Selling An Apple Crumb Cheesecake Made By Famous NYC Bakery, Junior’s

@Costco_empties found the apple crumb cheesecake at their local Costco in the refrigerated section. The dessert features a classic cheesecake crust, a layer of real apples, a classic cheesecake layer, and is finished off with a crumbly topping similar to the top of a coffee cake. Basically, this is the ultimate comfort food dessert mash-up.
Each cheesecake is three pounds and just $15.99 to buy, which is a steal considering ordering one off the Junior’s website will cost about $43.95 plus shipping so you’re saving big when you pick one up at Costco. Not only does this dessert make a great seasonal treat, but it’s also a delicious way to get the taste of New York City from your home. I’ll be taking mine à la mode.

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