Coca-Cola Is Releasing Topo Chico Spiked Seltzer Later This Year And We CANNOT WAIT

Spiked seltzer has been a thing for more than a moment now. And you’re probably pretty burnt out of new companies getting in on the boozy, fizzy water game. BUT your feelings of seltzy burn out are about to turn into PURE JOY because Coca-Cola announced today that it is releasing Topo Chico spiked seltzer.
Coke said in a release earlier that Topo Chico Hard Seltzer is coming to select cities in Latin America later this year. The company also told Bloomberg that it is planning on expanding the drink to the United States in 2021. It’s shown in the photo in a “Tangy Lemon Lime” flavor but it’s not clear if it will be released in any other variety. Coca-Cola said more details will be made available later.
As you probably know, Topo Chico is a beloved drink. This sparkling mineral water is huge both in Northern Mexico, where it is still bottled and sourced from today, as well as in parts of the U.S., particularly in Texas. If you’ve ever tried it, you know the hype is real, so when Coke, which purchased Topo Chico in 2017, made this announcement, people rightfully freaked out.
You had me at hello TopoChico
Topo Chico is making hard seltzer rest in peace to the competition
Coke mentioned Topo Chico’s popularity in mixed drinks as part of the reason for making it available as a canned spiked seltzer. If you’re super jazzed to give this stuff a try (and who wouldn’t be??), you can buy yourself a bottle or two and make your own Topo Chico cocktail at home while you wait. Does literally anything sound better right now?
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