Chrissy Teigen Lost A Tooth By Eating A Fruit Roll-Up And Shared A Clip On Twitter

No one is immune to snacking…not even celebrities. When the craving hits for a little something from the pantry, there’s absolutely no denying it, which is what we can assumed happened to Chrissy Teigen when she decided to eat a Fruit Roll-Up late last night…and ended up losing a tooth.
Chrissy is always posting candid updates about her life on Twitter and has been sharing a lot of posts about her current stay in Washington, D.C. for the presidential inauguration. She accompanied husband John Legend with their children, Luna and Miles, as he was set to perform last night. It seems that the night didn’t end once John got off the stage, though, because Chrissy posted a video on Twitter around 1 AM sharing the snacking mishap.
“I just lost….my tooth…in a Fruit Roll-Up,” Chrissy said in the short video, showing a molar inside of a red Fruit Roll Up. She then followed up with another tweet confirming it was a dental crown rather than an actual tooth. In the original post, it’s also clear that she was laying in bed so she was likely sneaking something sweet before bed.
Cap 🙁 but i loved him like he was a real tooth
This isn’t unusual, as Chrissy has shared in the past that in order to get a good night’s sleep she has to be extremely full—typically she opts for “Night Eggs,” though. It appears she may be going back to that trusty habit, too, because at least hard-boiled eggs won’t rip your teeth out. As far as I know at least…

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