Chipotle Is Holding Its Boorito Halloween Promotion Digitally This Year And You Can Score BOGO Entrées

The time has come yet again for all sorts of Halloween fun, like eating candy corn until you feel ill, watching Hocus Pocus over and over and over, and getting discounted burritos from Chipotle as part of its Boorito promotion. But in its 20th year, Chipotle is switching things up and making the event digital.
Typically, in order to get cheap burritos on Halloween, people have lined up at Chipotle in a costume of some sort. Now, most likely because gathering people in large spaces is not exactly encouraged, Chipotle is switching things up by making the event social media only and making the deal in question BOGO entrées.
From October 29-31, a total of 500,000 BOGO promotions will be dropped via TikTok, Twitter and Instagram, and in order to claim the deal, fans will have to quickly text the valid keyword to 888-222. This deal will also only be redeemable digitally via the Chipotle app or on Halloween and once they’re gone THEY’RE GONE. So follow them on all your socials, turn on notification bells, whatever you have to do to get those sweet, sweet BOGO burritos.
Now, this technically means that for the first time there are no costumes required to get this deal, but as someone who LOVES Halloween, I don’t think that should stop you from getting into the spirit of Booritos past. Throw on some cat ears (and a mask!) when picking up your burrito bowl! Wear a pirate hat (and, again, A REAL MASK) while you snag your burrito. Everyone will love it, I swear.

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