Chicken with Soy Sauce and Sweet Potatoes



  • 1chicken, ingredients
  • 2chicken breasts, cut into small cubes
  • 1tablespoonspices, to taste(curry, hot and sweet paprika, black pepper, salt, cumin)
  • 2tablespoonslemon juice
  • 14 cupsoy sauce
  • 2cupswater
  • 1large cups sweet potato, cut into cubes, as desired
  • 1tablespoonsugar
  • 1tablespoon large frying oil
  • 2 portions rice
  • 2cups of soaked rice
  • 2cupswater
  • 1teaspoonblack pepper
  • 1medium spoon salt
  • 1tablespoonfrying oil

    Serving Size: 1 (589) g

    Servings Per Recipe:4

    Calories: 833.7

    Calories from Fat 280 g 34 %

    Total Fat 31.2 g 48 %

    Saturated Fat 7.9 g 39 %

    Cholesterol 131.4 mg 43 %

    Sodium 1156.7 mg 48 %

    Total Carbohydrate88.9 g 29 %

    Dietary Fiber 2.6 g 10 %

    Sugars 5 g 20 %

    Protein 45.1 g 90 %


  • 1 – To cook the chicken, we first season the chopped chicken, taking care not to add too much salt, because soy is salty and salt can be dispensed with completely.
  • 2 – We put a tablespoon of oil in the cooking pot and leave it until it heats up, then add the dazzled chicken and stir it until it changes color and becomes golden.
  • 3- After the chicken color changes, we put soy, water and lemon juice on it and let it cook on a low heat.
  • 4- We fry the sliced ​​potatoes without adding anything to them, then add them to the chicken and leave them to cook together.
  • 5- When we make sure the chicken is cooked, we remove the pot from the heat and serve the chicken with white rice.
  • 6- To make rice, we soak the rice in water a while before the cooking process.
  • 7- Put the water, black pepper, salt and oil on the fire, then leave them until they start boiling.
  • 8- Add the rice to the water and reduce the temperature, then wait until the rice is cooked.
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