Burger King Has Brought Back Cheesy Tots For A Dose Of Happiness In The Drive-Thru

The Cheesy Tots first disappeared from the lineup in 2009, according to Fortune, and has been making comebacks every so often since then. If there were ever a time that we, as a society, deserve to have them return, it’s now. As detailed by Thrillist, Burger King is serving them up again for a limited time.
If you’ve never heard of or ate Cheesy Tots before, well, first of all, what?! And second of all, you’ve been missing out. The tater tot-like bite consists of breaded crispy potato bites that are stuffed with cheese. They’re available in a pack of eight tots for just $2. Keep in mind that availability will vary by location, so don’t get mad at us if you can’t find them. If it were up to us, they’d be in every restaurant.
It still blows our minds that fast food chains take fan favorites off the menu when they’re clearly loved, so if any Burger King executives are reading this: Maybe make Cheesy Tots a permanent fixture? Please?
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