Aldi Sells Pods That Help You Save Fruits And Veggies Without Them Spoiling

The kitchenware section of Aldi is stocked with fun utensils and useful food storage containers (like this guacamole saver) and that aisle is also where you can find food pods for fruits and vegetables. The avocado pod is already very popular, but there are also versions for lemons, onions, bananas, and garlic.
All of these pods are meant to tightly seal in your food and lock in freshness. For the onion, lemon, and avocado, this means if you’ve cut into them and want to save the rest for later, you can store them in these containers then put them in the fridge. For garlic, you can store the separated cloves, and for the banana, these pods are a good way to pack them in a lunch box to ensure they don’t get bruised or overripe.
Besides their functionality, these pods are also a more environmentally conscious (see: reusable) alternative to things like cling wrap or aluminum foil. Aldi lovers on Instagram seem to be obsessed with them; one even said she turned her husband into a believer after the first use: “I got the onion one for my husband who said he didn’t need it but guess where it is? In the fridge with an onion in it.” Looks like we’ll have to try these out for ourselves too!

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