8 Things I Bought from IKEA This Morning Instead of Doing My Work

This morning I quickly jumped onto the IKEA website to order some sawhorse legs for a desk I’m putting together in my home office. I figured Hey, if I order these online, versus in-store, I won’t be tempted to buy a bunch of stuff I don’t need. Famous last words.

Of course, just as one does in the real IKEA stores, I couldn’t help but peek at some of the new, cute offerings — and then I proceeded to add them all to my cart. Here are some of the summery finds I grabbed on my latest virtual shopping trip.

1. STILREN Tealight Holder, $2 each

As soon as I saw these tealight holders, I knew I needed to order a bunch of them. I love the soft peachy color, and figure they’ll come in handy for dinners out on our porch in the summertime.

2. SJÄLSLIGT Decoration, $15 for set of three

I have a really black thumb; despite my best intentions, I always end up killing my plants. But with this cute ceramic cactus set, I can bring a little plant life into my home without the guilt of neglect.

3. KRYDDPEPPA Plant Stand, $20

Okay, hear me out: I know I just said that I am a terrible plant parent, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t try! I’m going to set this up in a sunny spot and use it to store potted herbs. Fresh basil, mint, and thyme whenever I want? Yes, please.

4. SOMMAR 2019 Glasses, $8 for six

How cute are these glasses? They’re perfect for water, juice, or wine. I just know that sunny flower pattern will make me smile all spring and summer long.

5. SOLARVET LED String Lights, $18

I’m so excited about this set of 24 string lights because they’re solar-powered, which means they don’t need to be plugged in anywhere! I’m definitely hanging a set or two of these up in my screened-in porch.

6. LYCKAD Oven/Serving Dish, $10

This sage-colored stoneware baking dish is equal parts useful and beautiful. I love that I can take it from oven to table! It’s perfect for roasting spring veggies like radishes or asparagus, or for making strawberry-rhubarb crisp.

7. DINERA Mug, $2

I am a sucker for anything millennial pink, and this mug is no exception. I ordered a few to add to my mug collection — my morning matcha just got so much better.

8. SOMMAR 2019 Barbecue Tray, $8

We have a grill in our backyard, but I rarely use it because I follow a pescatarian diet. Often grilling tender fish and delicate veggies on a grill can be cumbersome, but this handy tray will help keep items from falling through the grates.

Have you spotted anything else recently at IKEA that I might have missed?

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