You Should Start Grilling Your Garlic Knots

Garlic knots are an underrated party snack. Garlic bread is a widely acknowledged asset to the dinner table, particularly when served up with a fresh green salad, and maybe a hearty slice of lasagna. But garlic knots are too often left by the wayside, an afterthought in your pizza order, rather than getting the billing they deserve. To be fair, they aren't always as delicious as you want them to be. A bad garlic knot can be greasy or soggy or overall unpleasant. But a great garlic knot has all the things that garlic bread does in a crispy, two-bite package, just perfect as a side for summer vegetables or roast chicken. One way to make sure they have that cripy outside: Make your garlic knots on the grill. 

Grills and bread go really well together, in general. The char that grills produce gives bread texture and an extra complexity of flavor. With garlic knots, it's a particularly nice contrast to the cheese, butter, and garlic that otherwise make up the knots' flavor profile. You can, if you're feeling intrepid, make your own pizza dough for the garlic knots. But if you're not up to it, buying premade pizza dough works just as well. 

Great cooking comes down to confidence

Just stretch the dough out into roughly 8-inch ropes and tie them in a simple knot. Let them rise for about an hour, then heat up the grill. Put together a mixture of melted butter, herbs, and garlic, and grab a pastry brush. You'll brush the knots with the butter mixture before you put them on the grill. Get those knots crispy and browned, drizzle them with the rest of the garlic butter mixture, throw some fresh parsley on them, and voila: You've got grilled garlic knots. Serve them at your next cookout and you'll never want to go back.

Get the recipe for Grilled Garlic Knots. 

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