You Can Get Free Wings at Hooters on Valentine’s Day If You’re Single


Since 1983, Hooters has been America’s favorite place for single men to shoot long, uncomfortable glances at the waitstaff while eating chicken wings. That’s what makes the restaurant chain that probably leads the nation in checks with customers’ phone numbers on them is already the perfect place for the nation’s cohort of divorced uncles to spend Valentine’s Day.
Now, a special promotion for lonely hearts will make it even easier to eat your feelings around a waitstaff that’s way out of your league. If you head on down to the strip mall that contains your local hooters this February 14th, you can get a free order of boneless wings in exchange for something you probably want to get rid of anyway: a photo of your ex.

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All you have to do to cash in is hand over a photo of your ex, which Hooters will promptly shred. In return, you’ll get 10 free boneless wings after you buy ten wings. Best of all, you don’t need to go through the awkwardness of printing out that Instagram post of your ex at FedEx/Kinko’s. Hooters will let you “digitally shred” that photo of your ex. Just make sure you actually delete the file when you’re done.

Is eating 20 wings for the price of 10 a healthy coping mechanism? Who knows! Will it help you get the kids back from Brenda? Definitely not! With all of the special deals and cheesy offers other restaurants are aiming at couples this Valentine’s day, it’s nice to know that single folks can turn February 14th into a day worth celebrating too.


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