Yes, You Should Store Your Bacon Grease–and Amazon Shoppers Swear This Is the Best Way


From using the microwave to a traditional stovetop (and even baking in the oven for a crowd), there are about as many methods to cook bacon as there are delicious ways to eat it. But no matter how you cook your strips, you’re left with hot, messy grease—and it’s a major mistake to throw it out.

Bacon grease, or lard, is extremely versatile: It doesn't smoke at high temperatures, making it perfect for pan frying, and has a high melting point, meaning it transforms pastry dough into golden, flaky goodness. Plus, its rich smoky flavor adds instant depth to dishes like cornbread or roasted chicken.

Many home cooks simply pour their extra bacon grease into a leftover can and call it a day, but for a cleaner, easier-to-use tool, hundreds of Amazon shoppers swear by the Aulett Home Bacon Grease Container. And right now it’s an incredible 46 percent off.


To buy: $14 (originally $25);

Made with sleek stainless steel, the container holds 5 cups and is designed with a curved handle and slight lip for easy pouring. (No more gripping a hot, slippery can.) It also separates burned, black flecks from the oil with its mesh stainless steel strainer, which is removable for easy cleaning.

The tool is Amazon’s choice for “grease jars” and has an impressive 4.7-star rating with shoppers saying they love its wide opening and mesh strainer.

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“I was wanting to go old school and save bacon drippings for refrying beans,” one wrote. “This container has a wide mouth so I am able to pour and strain the bacon drippings straight from the frying pan into the container.”

Another added, “Great design: not too tall or wide (fits in fridge better), removable screen (easier to clean), screen near top (allows more grease to be stored), screen has slight dip in middle (allows pouring in faster than flat screens), handle (less chance if dropping when more full/heavy).”

Typically, the Aulett Home Bacon Grease Container costs $25—but you can get it on sale right now for just $14. And, please, for the love of all that is good, stop throwing out your bacon grease.

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