Yes, It’s Totally Possible to Get Married at Taco Bell. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Big news, guys: It turns out that Taco Bell weddings are a real thing. Thrillist sent a writer to a Taco Bell wedding to report on it so that we all know that — while it might seem like a media stunt — actual people decide that they want to celebrate their actual love inside a fast food restaurant.

But not just any fast food restaurant — the Taco Bell in Las Vegas has a wedding chapel on the second floor. “The restaurant was inspired by fans who incorporated the brand’s famous sauce packets into the wedding proposals.”

The room is designed for the kind of people who would have (or attend) a Taco Bell wedding: outlets at every seat for easy social media sharing, and laser-cut metal wedding bells with Taco Bell logos. But it’s also designed for people who want to have a fun wedding on a budget: Six-hundred dollars buys you a 25-person wedding with hot-sauce garter, bowtie, and “Just Married” T-shirts. There’s a cake made of Cinnabon Delights, a 12-pack of tacos, and guests get their own Champagne flutes. It also includes a bouquet made out of sauce packets,” writer Khushbu Shah reports. “But unfortunately that is the ‘something borrowed’ element of the wedding and needs to be returned.”

The best part of the article is probably the transcription of the wedding vows (the ceremony is only a few minutes long) and includes more taco puns than a dad on vacation in Cabo could make, including this gem: “True love is about finding someone who knows you better than yoursel f… and remembers to get you Fire sauce packets for every taco.”

If that sounds like the vow for you (and, let’s be honest, the price tag), then the best news is that you don’t even have to plan ahead: Shah reports that the wedding can be arranged on as little as four hours notice.

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