Wetherspoons extends drinks discount for three more months with pints for just 99p

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Wetherspoons’ booze offer includes prosecco for £2.99 and pints of Ruddles or Greene King IPA for 99p.

At the beginning of November, the chain announced reduced prices for alcohol and soft drinks.

The restaurant has now decided to extend its offer until February 28, 2022.

According to the chain, more than 750 pubs are adding to the offer.

What can Britons find under the booze sale?

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All hot drinks cost 99p, with free refills.

A pint of Ruddles Best is 99p, and some pubs will also have Greene King IPA for the same price.

25ml of Gordon’s gin and mixer costs £1.99.

A medium glass of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Merlot or White Zinfandel Rose is just £1.69.

A mini bottle of prosecco is on sale for £2.99.

While a full bottle of prosecco costs just £10.99.

Bottles of Hardys Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Shiraz or Rose are on sale for £6.99.

In 99 of the chain’s pubs, customers will find a pint of real ale for £1.10.

Customers will also find bottles of Beck’s beer or a 25ml Bell’s whisky and mixer for just 99p.

However, this offer is not available for Wetherspoons located in airports.

Wetherspoon’s chairman Tim Martin, commented on the new offers.

He said: “Our pubs are known for their excellent choice of drinks at value-for-money-prices at all times.

“We are delighted to be extending our lower prices until the end of February.”

But this is not the first time the restaurant has slashed prices.

In July, in order to celebrate “freedom day”, customers could get £2 pints, when Covid restrictions were lifted.

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