Wendy's Spicy Chicken Nuggets Are OFFICIALLY Coming Back

We’d like to extend a warm “thank you” to Chance the Rapper for his recent contribution to the greater good: bringing Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets back from the dead.

That’s a lot to take in, we know, so here’s a breakdown of what happened:On Saturday, May 4, the rapper tweeted about his “positive affirmations” for the day.

“I WILL have a good day, I Will succeed today, Wendy’s WILL bring back spicy nuggets at some point please please Lord let it be today,” he wrote.

Wendy’s then responded to the plea with a challenge: If the chain’s tweet got 2 million likes, Spicy Chicken Nuggets would return.

“Y’all keep asking, so here’s your chance,” the tweet said. “The people in charge say if you guys can get our tweet (this one right here) to 2 Million likes, they will bring SPICY CHICKEN NUGGETS BACK. Let’s freakin’ do this!”

And guess what? Fans delivered.  The tweet had more than 2 million likes just two days after Chance the Rapper posted his original message.

“THIS IS NOT A DRILL,” Wendy’s announced. “Spicy Chicken Nuggets are coming back! Y’all are crazy! That took like a day and a half! WHAT?! We don’t know when yet, gotta figure it out, but soon, and ok, LOSING IT RIGHT NOW THIS IS AMAZING!!”

No word yet on when the nuggets will be making their long-awaited comeback, but we’re hoping it’s soon.

We don’t want to ask too much, but we do have one request: Chance the Rapper, we implore you to consider talking to Taco Bell about the Frito Burrito. Please and thank you.

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