We Want to Stash All Our Holiday Cookies in this 'Peanuts' Jar


Wanna know why people really say this is the most wonderful time of the year? It’s because every day of the holiday season is an excuse to eat another festive cookie. All you have to say is that you’re embracing the holiday season, or perfecting the recipe you plan on leaving out for Santa or bringing to that upcoming cookie swap. But, you know, sometimes you need a place to put those cookies that isn’t your mouth. 

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I must have watched too much Rugrats when I was a kid, because nothing symbolizes desire for me quite like a cookie jar. Even if that cookie jar is empty, I wanna grab the lid and peek inside. And we happened to find a very cute (and very affordable!) seasonal cookie jar at Target. 


The BPA-free ceramic jar makes a nice gift or surprise for anyone who’s a fan of Peanuts or, you know, cookies. It retails for $19.99, which is on the lower end of the cookie jar price spectrum. Make sure to wash it by hand, and I’m gonna mention this because Target pointed it out: This jar should not go in the microwave. 

You can order it online, but if you wanna buy it in the flesh, we found them over by the craft aisle. The bright red ceramic jar should pop out on the shelf. If you find yourself lost in the home decor display, you’ve gone too far. 

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