We Taste-Tested 6 Brands of Sweet Potato Fries and The Winner Was Unanimous

Grilling season is upon us once again, and what better way to complement a juicy, hot-off-the-grill burger than with a crispy plate of fries (sweet potato fries, in this scenario).

Sweet potato fries are a controversial snack among our editorial team. Some (like myself) would take them over regular fries any day of the week, while others think they are no better than deep-fried baby carrots. Therefore, the contending brands in this taste-test had a lot of work to do. Not only did they have to outshine the other fries, but they had to dramatically sway the taste buds of a few fairly resistant judges.

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Now, let’s meet the contestants. Alexia brand can be found is almost any grocery store, health-focused or not, and seem to have a pretty good hold on the sweet fry market. Because they offer 6 fry styles to choose from, we included two different fry shapes from their line in our taste test. The other brands can be found at Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Publix.

If sweet potato fries are your thing, this review is for you. Of course, if you haven’t yet been enlightened to the delightfully crisp balance of sweet and salty, we still invite you along for the ride.

Fries That Tried

The Sweetest Fry: 365 Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato Fries

A sweet potato fry is bound to taste sweet by nature, but these fries were next-level. We were left wanting a savory element to counteract the overpowering flavor.

“Grossly sweet. Need a dipping sauce.”

Most Carrot-like: Publix Sweet Potato Fries

Although sweet potatoes and carrots share a lot of similar properties, these fries resembled carrot sticks a little too much. They were overtly soft in texture and didn’t give us the “fry” feel we were after. One step above boiled baby carrots.

“Squishy, mushy and taste like carrots.”

Sweet and Sour?: Alexia All-Natural Frozen Sweet Potato Fries

The fibrous texture of these fries made us wary from the start, but the mildly acidic flavor that lingered after the first bite was enough to make us move onto the next plate.

“Texture is weird and chewy, and the flavor is strong and strange.”

Our Fave Fries

Best Seasoning: Alexia All Natural Frozen Waffle Cut Sweet Potato Seasoned Fries

With not one, but two comparisons to Arby’s fry seasoning, this sweet waffle fry definitely made it toward the top of our list. Tasters enjoyed the balance of spicy and sweet, and noticed that the wide waffle shape increased the surface area for maximum crispiness.

“Good flavor! I like that they deviated from standard sweet.”

Crispiest Coating: Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Straight Fries

While Ore-Ida is primarily known for their sizable collection of regular fry styles, their sweet potato option did not disappoint. The flavor wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet and the starchy outer coating crisped up nicely in the oven.

“Pretty good TBH. I don’t hate the flavor… not too sweet.”

The Winner: Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Frites

Surprisingly crispy and comparable to restaurant quality, these hand-cut style fries eclipsed the rest. With a crisp outer texture and a soft, tender interior, our team agreed that this is the best sweet potato fry experience you can find in the freezer aisle.

“These are my favorite – good texture and flavor.”

If you opt for homemade sweet fries instead of store-bought, check out cookbook author Mary Frances Heck’s in-depth guide to making sweet potato fries in every form and fashion (as well dozens of other ways to love sweet potatoes).

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