Wanna Buy a GALLON of Frank’s RedHot? Today’s Your Lucky Day


Unless you’re a baby with the weakest palate imaginable, hot sauce is a good thing. It literally spices up bland foods, and can clear up clogged sinuses when administered in more extreme doses. While everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to particular hot sauces, there’s no doubt that anyone who wants to bring the heat would buy up enough of their favorite to bathe in it if they could. 

Well, now you can—at least if you’re a Frank’s RedHot fan. If you go down to big box retailer BJ’s, they’ll sell you a damn gallon of the McCormick-mad hot sauce. For those who appreciate a good bulk deal, it’s a convenient way to get your hands on a hot sauce that’s “made with a premium blend of aged cayenne peppers to add a kick of heat and a whole lot of flavor to your favorite foods” according to the product listing.

So how much, exactly, is a gallon of hot sauce? A whole hell of a lot, as it turns out. It’s the equivalent of an astounding 128 fluid ounces of spicy liquid. Put another way, that’s eight entire pounds of 450 Scoville hot sauce available in a convenient jug with a carrying handle. For the record, that seems to be more than ten times the size of your standard Frank’s RedHot bottle. 

Miraculously, this gallon of spicy goodness can be yours online for just $11.49. With one purchase, you’ll have enough hot sauce for buffalo wings every week through the end of this football season, and maybe into the next one. Or you can buy a bunch of jugs and get your friends together for what would be the absolute worst gallon challenge of all time. The choice is yours. Sauce responsibly. 



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