Trolli Sour Gummy Sloths Exist—How Did We Miss This?!

We like to think that we’re on the cutting edge of junk food news here at MyRecipes. That’s why I’m saddened to admit that Trolli has been selling Sour Brite Sloths for TWO WHOLE YEARS and we had no idea.

Yes, you read that right: Sour Brite Sloths.

They’re just like the Sour Brite Worms we know and love, but they’re shaped like sloths.

This is the first we’re hearing of the candy sloths but, according to PopSugar, they were released in 2017.

“Trolli Sour Brite Sloths are a weirdly awesome take on your favorite gummy candy,” the product description reads. “Cute enough to eat, these sloth-shaped gummies come in an assortment of Pineapple-Lime, Strawberry-Grape and Blue Raspberry-Berry Punch flavor combinations.”

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The gummies don’t exactly look like sloths—they’re really more King Kong-shaped than anything. But still, we appreciate the intention.

Sour Brite Sloths are (apparently) available wherever Trolli products are sold, but you can also snag a 12-pack for $16.99 on Amazon.

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