Toblerone hot chocolate recipe – £3.75 cheaper than Costa Coffee

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Christmas isn’t far away and to get everyone in the spirit, Costa Coffee has revealed its festive menu which includes three drinks made with Toblerone chocolate. The Toblerone hot chocolate is proving incredibly popular, here’s how to make it at home and save £3.75 a mug. 

Experts have estimated customers spend a minimum of £4.50 for festive drinks at popular coffee chains, and those opting for non-dairy alternatives are charged £5 or more. Plus, these prices increase if you get the drinks delivered to your door. 

With the current cost of living crisis, households are looking for ways to cut back, but you don’t need to stop having your favourite hot drinks altogether, just make them at home for cheaper. 

Money experts at Financial World have shared their recipe for Costa’s Toblerone hot chocolate which can be created at home for around 85p per cup, compared to £4.60 in store – that’s a saving of £3.75 and you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. 

For anyone wanting to make a plant-based hot chocolate, it works out cheaper than the dairy version, averaging 78p per cup – £4.30 cheaper than Costa. 


One tbsp hot chocolate powder – 9p 

240ml whole milk / plant-based alternative – 37p* 

One tbsp honey – 3p  

30g Toblerone – 28p 

One tbsp cream (for topping) – 7p 

*240ml of the reviewed plant-based alternatives cost 27p on average. 


1. Measure the ingredients (except the cream) into a medium saucepan.

2. Heat at medium-high heat, stirring continuously, until it starts to come to a boil.

3. The Toblerone chocolate should be completely melted, although there will still be some bits of the signature Toblerone white nougat visible. You can pour the hot chocolate through a fine mesh sieve to strain them out, or simply leave them in. 

4. Pour into your favourite mug and top with a generous amount of whipped cream and if you’re feeling extra grate some Toblerone on top.

Costa’s Hot Chocolate is “inspired by Toblerone” and is made by blending “the indulgent chocolate and honey flavoured sauce” with a light dairy swirl and festive Twinkle to finish. It is one of three Toblerone-inspired drinks Costa has on offer. 

Other seasonal favourites include Costa’s Latte inspired by Toblerone and Light Dairy Swirl, Terry’s Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate and Light Dairy Swirl and Gingerbread and Cream Latte. 

As for whether customers are enjoying the festive drinks, Lauren B on Twitter said: “The new hot chocolate Toblerone from costa tastes SO good.” Shelley wrote: “Have my first Terry’s chocolate Orange hot chocolate from @CostaCoffee and got to say it did not disappoint. So niceeee.” 

Some however, are not enjoying the Toblerone latte. Aaron said: “Toblerone latte from Costa is honking. Knew I should have gotten the hot chocolate. Gutted.” Sue wrote: “Whatever anyone does, they should not try the Costa Toblerone latte with the diary swirl. It’s grim.” 

As for what else is on Costa’s Christmas menu, customers can treat themselves to a Maple Bacon Mac & Cheese; enjoy a creamy macaroni and cheese with fresh spinach, topped with maple cured bacon and sprinkled with a parsley crumb. For Vegan’s there is the P’gs & Blankets Panini; a beautifully plant-based sourdough panini filled with sausages and bacon, sage and onion stuffing, sweet cranberry sauce, vegan mayonnaise and cheeZe.

If that wasn’t enough, Costa’s menu also sees the return of its Turkey & The Trimmings Toastie, Pigs & Blankets Panini, Brie, Bacon & Cranberry Panini, and the Turkey Feast Sandwich.

Naomi Matthews, Food and Beverage Commercial Director UK & Ireland at Costa Coffee said: “Christmas has always been such a magical time of year at Costa Coffee, and we’re delighted to yet again be able to partner with some well-renowned brands to launch another spectacular beverage and food range, complete with both new items and returning favourites. We hope that you take some time out this festive season to visit your local store and treat your’elf – you’ve earned it.”

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