This Viral TikTok Hack Shows You the Easiest Way to Cut a Cake

Tahini-Blueberry Sheet Cake With Strawberry Buttercream image

Seriously, what did we do before TikTok? In addition to providing ample viral content seen even by those who feel too old for the nascent social network, it’s somehow transformed into a serious treasure trove of creative cooking ideas and ingenious kitchen hacks while everyone’s been stuck at home.

Though many of the trending posts have been geared at the culinarily adventurous, one of the latest trends on the video platform could just be the perfect conflict resolution method for your next birthday party. Specifically, I’m talking about a series of videos that reveal you can cleanly cut a cake into a series of perfectly even slices using dental floss. Yes, really.

That’s right: the stuff you lie to your dentist about using can cut perfectly clean lines in cake. Essentially, you wrap the floss around the section you’re trying to cut, cross the ends of the floss back over itself, and then yank. Probably the hardest part might be getting the floss underneath the cake (which kind of needs to happen in order for this whole process to work. But once you’ve got that figured out, you’re on track for an incredibly crumb-free cake cutting experience. Watch another TikTok example, here. 

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More importantly that simply cutting a cake this way, the floss method (not the floss dance) can also help subdivide a birthday-oriented baked good into a series of perfectly even slices. In this case, you’re just dropping the floss— or maybe twine?— from the top down. From there, divide it in half again, and again, and again until you have enough perfectly even slices for everyone. You might have to eyeball it a little bit unless you have a protractor handy, but it sure beats using a knife and bickering with everyone about cake proportions.

So if you know you’ll be baking a quarantine birthday cake soon, heed these TikToks. They may not make the cake taste any better, but they’ll definitely stand out as a pretty nifty party trick.



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