This Chili Oil Will Completely Change the Way You Eat Breakfast

When life gets in the way, breakfast can turn into more of a routine than a treat. You’re focusing on getting out the door, not lingering over toast. But there’s a condiment that can spice up your breakfast in seconds, and that condiment is ENZO Fresno Chili Crush. One drizzle over eggs or toast will remind you that mornings can be surprising, in a good way.

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While Fresno chilis pop up on menus all over the place, it’s fitting that this chili olive oil is actually made in Fresno, California. “Our family has been farming for over 100 years,” says Vincenct Ricchiuti, a fourth generation member of the family. His relatives moved from Italy to California’s Central San Joaquin Valley in 1914. The region drew many Italian immigrant farmers to its fertile soil. “You can grow anything in Fresno!” Ricchiuti says.

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The first crops on the Ricchiuti family farm were grapes and figs. The bounty now includes peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines, citrus, grapes, almonds, and olives. More than 60 years ago, Pat Ricchiuti started selling their produce from a roadside stand called Bella Frutta, later renamed Enzo’s Table. In addition to selling the fresh fruits and vegetables, the family made almond butter, jam, pesto, and ENZO extra virgin olive oil.

Producing that organic olive oil led to the creation of the chili oil. “It all started after a trip to Italy while visiting family and enjoying a pizza in Roma,” Ricchiuti says. “The only condiment offered was a house-made chili oil. My mind began thinking of a way to recreate this oil with our own spin.”

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Back in Fresno, the Ricchiutis take the organic Fresno chili peppers grown behind their retail store and mill them together with their olives. “The result is an exceptional, unfiltered olive oil yielding a natural chili flavor and aroma,” Ricchiuti says.

You can throw ENZO Fresno Chili Crush on a million different savory breakfast dishes. It works well after morning passes, too. Try it on pizza or a salad, or go totally nuts and put it on something sweet. “There is nothing this oil cannot accompany,” Ricchiuti says. “We have baked with it, making spicy chocolate chip cookies!”

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