These Tiny Cans of Cold Brew Are My Go-To Summer Drink

For some people, it's never too hot for hot coffee, and never too cold for cold brew. For the rest of us, cold brew is something that starts popping up more regularly in May, and by mid-summer, it's the only way to get through a day caffeinated without sweating through your work clothes. The thing about buying cold brew in cans, though, is so often you're not just buying cold brew. You're buying a vat of cold brew mixed with sugar, milk, flavorings, or other additions that are there to make the cold brew taste different than what it actually is.

So when I got some Blue Bottle Cold Brew in a can, I was hooked. It's a short can, about half the size of a regular soda can, and all that's in it is very good cold brew. The small size means that it's portable if you're running out the door, but also that you're not going to accidentally become way, way overcaffeinated, a problem that happens with cold brew sometimes. You can pour it in a glass over ice and add milk if you want, or you can just drink it straight. 

Easy never tasted so awesome.

For those who prefer their cold brew a little gussied up, the Blue Bottle New Orleans-style cold brew, sold in a carton that'll remind you of cafeteria milk, is a good option. It's chicory coffee plus milk and sugar, but it's not too sweet or milky for me, someone who usually prefers their coffee unsweetened. The cans will run you $3.99 each at Target, and are available nationwide. Grab one and stay cold and alert the rest of the summer. 

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