These Are the 10 Absolute Weirdest Delivery Requests, According to Uber Eats

When you’re ordering takeout, the temptation to customize is hard to resist—after all, it’s an easy way to get exactly what you want without having to step foot in the kitchen. Maybe you want extra pepperoni on your pizza, and ranch dipping sauce on the side; if you hate tomatoes, you might ask the restaurant to keep them off your sandwich. To see which requests were the most popular, delivery service Uber Eats decided to dig into data over the last year—and the results were interesting. As it turns out, Americans aren’t a big fan of onions (“no onions” was the number one request), and they really, really love extra sauce. Cheese was a toss up, with some customers asking for no cheese at all, while others requesting extra.

Uber Eats also looked into the most-ordered combinations, which includes asking for a chicken sandwich with no onions (again with the onion hate!) and fries with extra sauce, and that's where it starts to get a little weird. The category was broken down into two lists—most popular request combinations, and most unexpected combinations. The latter was pretty eye-opening. Who knew pizza and nuts was a thing? Or apples and mustard … or milkshakes with a side of ranch.

Check out all of the results Uber Eats found below (ranked lists are organized from most frequently ordered to least frequently ordered):

Most unexpected combinations

1. Shake + side of ranch

2. Mushrooms + ketchup

3. Apple + mustard

4. Tilapia + cheese

5. Poke + mayonnaise

6. Sushi + cream cheese

7. Pizza + nuts

8. Steak + tendon only

9. Salad + watermelon

10. Spaghetti + extra olives

Most popular delivery requests in the U.S

1. No onions

2. Extra sauce

3. No tomatoes

4. No cheese

5. Spicy

6. Extra cheese

7. Extra ranch

8. Dressing on the side

9. No sour cream

10. Ketchup

Most popular combinations

1. Chicken sandwich + no onions

2. Fries + extra sauce

3. Gyro + no tomatoes

4. Turkey wrap + no cheese

5. Pizza + extra spicy

6. Fried rice + no onions

7. Cheeseburger + no mayo

8. Eggs + spicy

9. Rice bowl + extra sauce

10. Steak + ketchup

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