The 6 Best Wooden Cutting Boards (For Every Cook)

Williams Sonoma Cutting Board

A quality cutting board is essential for every home cook. That’s why we scoured the internet for the top-rated wooden cutting boards currently on the market. Our top pick? This affordable maple option from Bed Bath & Beyond. But before we get into why people love this particular product (and our other five picks), let’s talk about what makes wooden cutting boards special: 

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Wooden vs. Plastic Cutting Boards

When most people are selecting a cutting board to buy, they choose between two materials: wood and plastic. Glass and metal cutting boards do exist, but it’s probably best to avoid them. Such hard surfaces will quickly damage even the best of knives. 

Though wooden and plastic boards are both solid options, there are some important differences to consider before making a purchase. 


  • Wooden cutting boards are durable and extremely long-lasting. Even if you do damage one, you can often repair scratches by sanding. 
  • Though they’re plenty hard enough to provide a stable surface to cut on, wooden boards are much gentler on your knife than other popular materials (like bamboo and plastic). If you’ve ever purchased a set of expensive knives, you know how important this is. 
  • Wooden boards require more upkeep than plastic ones. Since they’re not dishwasher-safe, it’s important to (gently but thoroughly) hand wash them after every use. They also need to be treated with food-grade mineral oil from time to time. 


  • There’s no way around it: Plastic cutting boards are cheaper than wooden ones. Since they’re lighter and smaller, they’re also much easier to store. 
  • Perhaps the most appealing thing about plastic cutting boards, though, is how low-maintenance they are. Unlike wooden cutting boards that must be hand-washed and oiled, you can throw plastic in the dishwasher and call it a day.
  • Plastic cutting boards are much more susceptible to damage than wooden ones. Even careful cutting will leave scratches all over the surface. Not only is this unsightly, it’s unsanitary. Plastic cutting boards need to be replaced much, much more frequently than their wooden counterparts. 

Which One’s More Sanitary?

Many people believe wooden cutting boards are less sanitary than plastic ones because they’re more porous. However, this is simply not the case: Wood absorbs bacteria and kills it. Plastic, meanwhile, has deep grooves where bacteria can hide—especially if you cut on it (and scratch it) regularly. According to the USDA, both materials are perfectly sanitary options if they’re cared for appropriately. 

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What About Bamboo?

Though bamboo cutting boards certainly look wooden, they’re not. Bamboo is tougher on knives and less durable. 

However, you’ll notice that we included a few bamboo products on this list. That’s because we think they’re a good middle ground between wood and plastic—when compared to plastic, bamboo is more knife-friendly and less damage-prone. Not to mention, bamboo is eco-friendly and much easier on the wallet than real wood. 

Think wood is the right material for you? Here are our top picks:

Best All-Around

Bed Bath & Beyond Cutting Board

Kitchen Expressions Maple Cutting Board

Buy it! Bed Bath & Beyond, $50

Bed Bath & Beyond customers say this durable and affordable maple cutting board is “just perfect.” In fact, it has only 5-star reviews—when was the last time you saw that?! 

Two lines of custom text make the 12-inch x 17-inch totally giftable. 

“I am so impressed by the quality of the cutting board,” raved one reviewer. “It is nice to be able to purchase a personalized item that is also a quality item.”

“Looks very sharp,” remarked another. “Material is good and the font is clear and readable. The personalization is engraving, not ink, which is something I overlooked when purchasing but am so happy that it came the way it did.”

Important details: 

  • North American hardwood maple features customizable message
  • Measures 17" L x 12" W x 1" D
  • Includes juice well and grip handles

Best Set

Wayfair Cutting Boards

Bayou Breeze Fulton 4-Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Buy it! Wayfair, $26.96 (was $34.99)

Looking for a great, cheap starter cutting board set? Your search ends here. While these boards aren’t technically wood, so they’re likely less durable than other products on this list, reviewers say the quality is incredibly impressive for the price. They’re also noted for their easy-to-clean surfaces—a definite plus in our book. 

“These cutting boards clean beautifully and can also be used to serve food such as cheese and crackers,” one reviewer suggested. “The different sizes are perfect and allow the cook to choose the board best suited for the job. Great buy!”

Important details: 

  • Four boards measure 18-inch x 12-inch, 9.5-inch x 13-inch, 8.5-inch x 11-inch, and 6-inch x 8-inch
  • Each board is 2 inches thick

Best Budget-Buy

World Market Cutting Board

Bamboo Cutting Board

Buy it! World Market, $12

Here’s another bamboo (not wood) board that merited a spot on this list because of its affordability and quality. You really can’t beat a $12 price tag—and did we mention it’s really, really pretty?  

“This is a gorgeous cutting board,” says one happy customer. “Nice and thick, unlike the slimmer flimsy ones a lot of stores sell. Easy to maintain and I love that it's bamboo. You can't go wrong with eco-friendly materials. Everything cuts so much better on this then with my old plastic one.”

Best Splurge

Williams Sonoma Cutting Board

Boos Edge-Grain Rectangular Cutting Board, Walnut

Buy it! Williams Sonoma, $109.56-$186.36

Serious home cooks will love this stunning walnut cutting board. Like many of the finer things in life, it ain’t cheap—depending on the size you order, it ranges from $137 to $233. 

But, before you discount this cutting board for its hefty price tag, you should consider how much money you’d spend replacing cheaper boards as they wear out more quickly. This Boos product boasts a “commercial-quality toughness to withstand years of use.” When you look at it that way, you’d really be saving money in the long run. 

“Let me just start off by saying how much I love my cutting board,” says one 5-star review (of many 5-star reviews). “Seriously, amazing. I didn't realize exactly how big it was going to be, but the bigger the better. I use this everyday. The quality is top notch, it's a beautiful american black walnut cutting board. It's not light, but not extremely heavy. It's perfect.”

Important details: 

  • Crafted from sustainably harvested North American black walnut
  • Available in three sizes: small (18" x 12" x 1 1/2" thick; 5 pounds), medium (20" x 15" x 1 1/2" thick; 10 pounds), and large (24" x 18" x 1 1/2" thick; 18 pounds). 
  • Comes with a seasoning kit

Best Gift

It’s a tie. These cutting boards, found on Etsy, are both so gorgeous and pack a ton of sentimental value—we couldn’t pick just one! 

Personalized Wood Cutting Board

Etsy Cutting Board

Buy it! Etsy, $45+

This beautiful wooden cutting board practically screams “wedding gift.” You can personalize it with names and a prominently displayed date, so the lucky recipients can look back on their special day every time they cook. 

“I purchased this for a wedding gift and it was beautiful. Everything came exactly as ordered,” according to one 5-star review.

This was purchased as a gift. This board is beautiful,” says another. “It was created exactly as I requested and was delivered pretty quickly! I just might have to get one for myself.”

Important details:

  • You can choose from maple, walnut, and cherry woods
  • Comes in three sizes: 12-inch x 9-inch, 16-inch x 10.5-inch (with juice grooves), and 18-inch x 12-inch butcher block (with juice grooves and handle grips) 
  • This Etsy seller (BlueRidgeMountainCo) also offers add-ons. In addition to the board, you can purchase a display stand, cutting board oil, and/or a gift box. 

Family Recipe Cutting Board 

Recipe Cutting Board

Buy it! Etsy, $40+

Display family heirloom recipes, in all their handwritten glory, on this gorgeous and customizable cutting board. All you have to do is send the seller (YippeeDaisy) a high-quality scan of your favorite recipe and they’ll handle the rest. Seriously, could you imagine a more perfect, family-friendly present? 

“I ordered these boards as Christmas gifts for my family,” one reviewer explained. “I found a recipe of my father's, which included his signature. The board was engraved perfectly! All of my family absolutely LOVED this board. We all have it proudly displayed in our kitchens as a remembrance of our father. Highly recommend this company and this gift item!”

Important details:

  • You can choose from maple, walnut, and cherry woods
  • Comes in varying sizes

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