The 12 New Products Trader Joe's Staffers Are Most Excited About This Summer

The 12 New Products Trader Joe's Staffers Are Most Excited About This Summer

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Attention shoppers in aisle 3: Pop in those ear buds and listen up! The latest episode of the Inside Trader Joe's podcast (#26, for those searching for it on your audio platform of choice) had a very timely topic that's about to make over your shopping list. Co-hosts Tara Miller, marketing director, and Matt Sloan, vice president of marketing, dished on their must-buy, new-to-Trader-Joe's products for summer 2020.

In case you didn't listen to the podcast, we've compiled a list of what you can't miss this season, according to Trader Joe's. (EatingWell editors are already addicted to several!)

Organic Sugar Cones

With 12 cones in each $2.29 box, these 45-calorie ice cream vessels are a sweet way to host a socially distant yet still-sweet ice cream social for your family and friends. For best beat-the-heat results, enjoy with a scoop of one of these low-cal ice cream or frozen yogurt recipes or Trader Joe's Light Ice Cream.

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Turkeyless Protein Patties

"I'm really surprised just overall how much that Turkeyless Protein Patty tastes like a turkey burger," Miller said. Check out more details about these 240-calorie mock meat burgers. If beef imposters are more your thing, keep your eyes peeled for TJ's classic Protein Patties.

Cauliflower Thins

"There's so many things being made with cauliflower now, right? So why not make something you could, you know, roll up your lunch into or make a breakfast burrito out of or something like that?," Miller asked about the rationale behind these gluten-free sandwich thins. (We've enjoyed them as the base for both lunch and breakfast sandwiches, with delicious results.)

Jicama Wraps

For those watching carbs, Miller recommends these 100% vegetable wraps as a savvy substitute for taco shells or tortilla wraps. Each two-wrap serving has just 15 calories, which means you can load up several with our Lean and Spicy Taco Meat, fresh veggies and salsa for one of the healthiest restaurant copycat recipes ever.

Baton Wafer Cookies

Like Trader Joe's twist on those popular pirouette cookies, watch for these $1.99-per-canister cylindrical wafer cookies near the sweet snacks. They come in Vanilla-Chocolate and Lemon, and Sloan and Miller suggest using one as a garnish on that aforementioned ice cream cone.

Spicy Salami Chips

"Don't let that 'chips' word fool you cause these are in the refrigerator section," Sloan says. Think of this like a meaty twist on those trendy, low-carb baked Parmesan crisps.

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Corn Cookie Baking Mix

"Like the best part of cornbread and the best simple sugar cookie," according to Miller, that's "sweet but not too sweet," this cookie mix yields 24 170-calorie cookies for $2.99. Just add an egg, two sticks of butter and bake.

Almond Beverage Chocolate Bar

"It's just a classic, rich, creamy, sweet chocolate bar," Sloan said. This dairy-free milk chocolate candy bar is bound to be a hit with vegans and those with dairy allergies or intolerances when it arrives in the checkout-adjacent candy section soon.

Strawberry Hand Cream

As the summer follow up to spring's Watermelon Facial Mist and Watermelon Overnight Mask, this hand moisturizer should be hitting store shelves shortly.

Strawberry Sugar Scrub

This *berry* good exfoliator will be arriving this summer to help slough off any dead skin cells. (Don't want to wait? Try our homemade Cucumber-Mint Sugar Body Scrub.)

Hold the Cone! Chocolate Chip

A new flavor of these fan-favorite itty-bitty ice cream cones, chocolate chip, accentuates the chocolate dip on the mini ice cream scoop and lining the inside of the cute little cone.

Saddle Chips

"The shape lends itself to rigid organizational lining up or stacking up or saddling up or something," Sloan said. Hmm, this sounds like TJ's answer to Pringles and we can't wait to see what these taste like when they fly into stores later this summer.

With this must-haves-for-summer list, you'll be ready to snack your way through the season. While you're shopping, you might as well snag everything for our complete Trader Joe's Meal Plan so dinner's done, too!

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