Tesco makes major change to popular product affecting all shoppers

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Supermarket Tesco has increased the price of its meal deal by 40p. This is a major change for the retailer, as it is the first time it changes the price in the last 10 years. Traditionally, a sandwich, a snack and a drink would make a lunch deal, which cost £3.

Now, it has increased to £3.90 although shoppers who have a Tesco Clubcard can purchase the meal deal for £3.40.

Shoppers will see the price increase from October 24, 2022. However, Tesco said it wants to make sure customers get the best price.

That is why if shoppers select less than three items and the price is under £3.40, or £3.90, they will only pay the price of the individual items.

A Tesco spokesman explained: “Clubcard members will pay just £3.40 for a main, snack and drink, making our meal deal an ideal way to grab a great value lunch on-the-go.

“And with savings of up to £3 on millions of possible combinations across our stores, including the recent addition of Costa hot drinks, and our ever-popular Christmas sandwiches which join the meal deal for the festive period, we’ve got something for every taste.”

The supermarket also pointed out that 70 percent of its shoppers buy the meal using their Clubcard.

This comes as inflation currently stands at 10.1 percent, and has already severely affected food prices and energy bills in the UK.

Tesco said the most popular meal deal combo is a Ham and Cheddar Sub, Diet Coca-Cola and Walkers Cheese and Onion Crisps.

If these items were purchased separately, it would cost £5.24 but with the new meal deal, is £1.84 cheaper for Clubcard members.

Customers can get a Tesco Clubcard online by simply applying on the supermarket’s website or in-store.

Clubcard shoppers can also earn points every time they shop and later exchange them for money vouchers.

Tesco customers weren’t happy about the change with social media user @nicliw saying: “My staple Tesco meal deal is going up. Guess I’ll starve in uni then!”

Another one, @manlikesheltzy, commented: “£3.90 for Tesco meal deals… nah, this economy is crazy.”

Twitter user @jadelmasterson said: “I don’t wanna live in a world where a Tesco meal deal isn’t £3!”

Shopper @F1_Aimee also shared her thoughts: “Lads. It’s game over. Tesco has raised meal deal prices from £3 to £3.40 for Clubcard holders…”

Another shopper, Thomas McNally, added: “The Tesco meal deal has gone up to £3.40. Time to declare the real economic crisis.”

Retailer Boots also has meal deals for £3.99 but it is more expensive in the capital with Londoners paying £4.99 for the combo. Sainsbury’s and Morrisons charge £3.50 for their meal deals.

However, Tesco is not the only one increasing prices of the most popular items as McDonald’s and Costa have also put the price up.

Costa increased the pour-it-yourself hot drinks prices by 18 percent, including hot chocolates and lattes.

McDonald’s also put the menu prices up, including the 99p cheeseburger.

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