Tesco cafe cuts food and drink prices in half as Eat Out to Help Out deals launch

Tesco café will give customers 50 percent off across its menu next month. This comes as the government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme is set to start next Monday.

The Eat Out to Help Out scheme was announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak earlier this month to encourage Britons to go out for food.

The government will pick up 50 percent of the tab in selected restaurants on Mondays to Wednesdays throughout the month of August.

Hungry Britons will be able to enjoy savings of up to £10.

While alcohol is not included in the offer, food and soft drinks are.

Hot drinks such as coffees can also be ordered for the new low price if they are consumed inside the restaurant.

Tesco will not actually be taking part in the scheme, but has launched its own version to give customers big savings.

How to get Tesco discounts

Like the government scheme, customers at Tesco cafés will get 50 percent off everything.

This will be available on Monday to Wednesday for the entire month of August.

However, the retailer is not taking money from the government meaning it is free to change the rules.

While the Eat Out to Help Out scheme asks customers to dine-in, Tesco will honour the low prices on takeaway orders.

There is also no maximum spend for customers meaning savings could be huge.

The foods on offer will include a full English breakfast for £2.07 and a children’s meal for £1.42.

Drinks are also included and shoppers will be able to pick up a coffee for just 75p.

Tesco café managing director Adam Martin said: “We know that the past few months have been tough for lots of people in our local communities.

“We believe everyone deserves freshly cooked, top quality, great value meals, and a break from cooking at home.

“We look forward to welcoming old friends and new faces back to the café – we can’t wait to serve you again.”

The government’s Eat Out to Help Out initiative will kick off on August 3 with lots of restaurants signing up.

Popular restaurant chains have stated they will take part including Nando’s, McDonald’s and Bill’s.

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