Takeaways: Are take aways still open, are fish and chip shops still open?

Shops up and down the country have closed their doors today as the threat of coronavirus continues to grow.On March 23, Boris Johnson announced the UK had been placed under lockdown – a move which includes a ban on public gatherings of more than two people and rules on why and when people may be allowed to leave their homes.

The strict rules also features the closure of all shops that do not sell essential items.

The Prime Minister explained all shops selling non-essential goods, such as clothing, would be closed with immediate effect.

The Government guidelines also outlined which shops could stay open.

These include:

  • Food shops, including supermarkets
  • Health shops, such as pharmacies
  • Petrol stations
  • Home and hardware stores
  • Garages and car rentals
  • Pet shops
  • Corner shops and newsagents
  • Post offices
  • Banks
  • Bicycle shops
  • Laundrettes and dry cleaners


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Market stalls that sell essential items, such as groceries and food, are also allowed to stay open.

However, some say the advice has been unclear on whether takeaways can stay open.

One Twitter user posted: “Shopping centres open. Because retail is an “essential” job. But every one stay home. Food courts closed but food outlets in the food courts open for takeaway. Clear as mud.”

Another posted: “How come McDonald and Burger King have been forced to close yet Harry Gow’s pie shop ( a takeaway) is still open? Are they an emergency service?”

Are takeaways still open?

The PM confirmed that while restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars have been ordered to shut, food deliveries and takeaways are still allowed.

How can you tell if your symptoms are coronavirus or the flu?

The most common symptoms of coronavirus are:

  • Fever
  • Dry cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Aching muscles
  • Fatigue

When someone has a cold, they tend to get a scratchy throat, then a runny nose and eventually develop a cough.

These symptoms can come with a fever and a headache, which can make people feel listless for days.

A common cold typically passes within a few days and most symptoms go away after about a week, while the flu can keep a person bedridden for at least a week. READ MORE…

The Government guidance says: “This means people can continue to enter premises to access takeaway services, including delivery drivers.

“Planning regulation will be changed to enable restaurants, cafes and pubs which do not currently offer delivery and hot food takeaway to do so.

“This will be clearly communicated by the government when in effect.”

The guidance adds: “People must not consumer food or drinks on site at restaurants, cafes or pubs whilst waiting for takeaway food.

“Those venues offering takeaway or delivery services must not include alcoholic beverages in this list if their license does not already permit.”


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Shops are being closed as the Government wants to stop any chance the virus has of spreading.

Scientists say closing shops greatly reduces the risk of spreading the virus.

The Government said that shops which open in defiance of the ban could be prosecuted by trading standards officers.

The lockdown comes as a string of restaurants closed their doors.

All McDonald’s restaurants in the UK and the Republic of Ireland announced they would close by 7pm on Monday to protect employees and customers.

The fast-food company said it had taken the “difficult decision” to shut in a statement on Twitter, posted before the UK went into lockdown.

Gregs, Nando’s, KFC, Costa Coffee, Subway and Pizza Express also announced similar measures.

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