Taco Bell Unveils Back to School Collection

Taco Bell Unveils Back to School Collection

Sadly for Taco Bell diehards, room reservations for the chain's five-night-only pop-up hotel in August were all snatched up in just two minutes. So for some back-to-schoolers, their tales of "what I did this summer" won't be as taco-fueled as they may have hoped. But Taco Bell wants to make sure you still look good, even while you bore all your classmates.

Today, Taco Bell has followed up its summer clothing line with an all-new Back to School collection in its online Taco Shop – 19 items in all from the practical to the purely stylish. "Students rushing across campus to get to their 8 a.m. can do so looking fresh with Taco Bell short and long sleeved shirts, hoodies, joggers and leggings, all while keeping their coffee hot in a Taco Bell Tumbler," the chain explains. "In order to stay prepared, fans can study mas with Taco Bell notebooks, Sauce Packet Pencils and a Hot Sauce Packet USB that'll all fit perfectly into a Taco Bell Backpack. And let's be real, any paper written in a Taco Bell Sauce Packet Wisdom pen is guaranteed to get an A+." Taco Bell then immediately retracts that guarantee. It's 2019: Hopefully you aren't turning in any papers written in pen anyway.

Taco Bell Unveils Back to School Collection taco-bell-school-shirts-FT-BLOG0819Taco Bell Unveils Back to School Collection taco-bell-school-leggings-XL-BLOG0819

None of the gear is particularly fast food taco cheap, but it's not unaffordable either. A t-shirt will set you back $20, a hoodie $45. A $15 Taco Bell Numero Uno Notebook was the only item that left me wondering if should quit my job as a writer and pursue a lucrative career selling branded notebooks.

Taco Bell Unveils Back to School Collection taco-bell-school-hoodie-XL-BLOG0819

Still, I guess you can't put a price on fashion. And walking around with a $55 Taco Bell Cravings Backpack is probably a better way to show fellow students your love of Taco Bell than the less expensive alternative: carrying around your laptop in an old Taco Bell paper bag that you got for free with last night's Chalupa.

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