Sweethearts Conversation Hearts Are Back… But With a Catch


Telling someone you love how you feel isn’t always easy. That’s why those conversation heart candies were such a godsend for anyone who needed to communicate with a crush via candy. Though this Valentine’s Day staple was sorely missed during its 2019 hiatus, you’ll be relieved to know that the classic Sweethearts Conversation Hearts are back … but with a bit of a catch.

First, let’s start with the good news: Yes, those hearts with “be mine”, “love me”, and other treacly phrases are going back on sale. That’s thanks to the resumption of production by Spangler Candy Company, who bought this V-day centric candy brand from Necco after the company shut down. It took Spangler some time to get things up and running, as they essentially had to rebuild the old Necco plant by shipping manufacturing equipment from Massachusetts to Ohio after the July 2018 acquisition, but they’re ready to resume production.

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Well, at least a little bit of production. Spangler will only have the capacity to produce relatively finite quantities of the candy for national drugstore chains like Walgreens and CVS. That part isn’t a huge deal given that those are probably the places you’d be shopping for Valentine’s Day candy anyway, but you shouldn’t wait until February 13th to stock up.

Not only will supply be somewhat limited, but the romantic phrases emblazoned on each candy heart will be limited in scope as well. Spangler’s had an issue with the equipment that prints these pithy phrases, limiting the variety of text you’ll find in a given bag. There won’t be any new copy on the candy this year, which means your bae won’t know how lit you think they are. Most disappointingly, it sounds like some of the candy hearts just won’t have anything printed on them at all. Sad!

There is some small silver lining that comes with the move from Necco to Spangler, however. In the process, someone seems to have gotten ahold of the original recipe for the candy hearts, retrieving it from a stack of old paper. From the sound of it, new (old) flavors like wintergreen and banana will be in the mix.

Hopefully those tastes can tide you over to 2021, when Spangler expects production to go back to normal. Just try to keep your relationship going until then and you’ll be all set.


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