Store herbs with staple ingredient to keep ‘fresh’ for weeks

A life hack guru has shared three ways to store freshly purchased herbs so that the aromatics last as long as possible without browning.

Once exposed to excess moisture and oxygen, soft greenery like basil and cilantro starts wilting in a matter of days, but storage hacks could delay this.

Fortunately, TikTok content creators at Shazo have discovered three different ways to store the herbs so that they remain perky for weeks.

The life hack gurus shared a total of “three hacks to keep greens fresh longer,” offering a thorough demonstration of how each one works.

Demonstrating the first method, they explained: “Grab a paper towel and separate just like this to form a packet, add herbs, and roll it up”.

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Next, store the bundle and its casing in a Tupperware, which can go directly in the fridge. The paper roll will act as an absorbent and take up any excess water thereafter.

A similar but slightly different alternative may be equally effective, according to Shazo.

After hardy and tender herbs have been arranged lengthwise, add them to a damp paper towel and roll them up before transferring them to an air-tight container.

A third popular hack is the “bouquet method”, which involves placing herbs stem-side down in a Mason jar filled with water – just like you would a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Some people will then choose to cover the top of the bouquet with a plastic bag, allowing moisture to stay in while the ethylene gas escapes.

This substance is ultimately responsible for the wilting of herbs, which is why most hacks focus on minimizing levels of the gas.

Finally, Shazo recommends storing your fresh herbs with a raw egg, as the porous shell will absorb excess moisture, keeping the cilantro fresh for four to six weeks.

“Add parsley with raw egg in airtight contains to keep it fresh,” explains the content creator.

Experts at the culinary website Mystery of Curry endorse this method but advise checking on the herbs every week to pick out any yellow and brown leaves.

Upon watching the clip, one viewer rushed to the comments to let the poster know: “This absolutely works”, to which content creators responded: “It really does!”

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