Stop bread going mouldy with simple food storage hack – no freezing

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Most people have had the unpleasant experience of pulling bread out of the fridge to find it is mouldy. It puts you off your sandwich and – worst of all – you have to go out and buy more. Thankfully, one content creator has advised a clever and easy “how to” trick to help bread stay fresh.

The kitchen expert, who goes by The Board Housewife, advised: “Keep buns of bread from moulding by adding a fresh celery stick in the bag.”

Does celery make bread last longer?

According to anecdotal evidence, yes it does.

It is thought that the bread absorbs moisture from the celery, which stops it from drying out.

How to use celery to keep bread fresh

  1. Place one or two celery stalks in a clean plastic bag with your bread
  2. Close the bag tightly to keep air out
  3. Keep the bag in the fridge

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Why does bread go mouldy?

Bread is an inviting place for mould to grow. It is caused by a mould spore landing on your bread.

Spores are cast off by fungi, floating around until they find a good place to land.

Bread is attractive to spores because it is full of potential sugars for the mould to eat.

What is more, mould love to grow in the conditions bread is often kept – sealed in bags with limited air circulation, cool, damp and dark.

How to stop bread going mouldy

One way to keep the bread from going mould is to keep it in the freezer.

Mould cannot survive in this sub-zero environment.

Another good option is just to get through your bread quickly.

Taking bread out of its plastic wrapping can help too, as plastic will make the bread moister.

A bread box or a paper bag is a better option for storing bread. Never store bread in the fridge.

Another trick, this time a hack to keep strawberries fresh, is being advised by food experts online.

Jenna Lueke, from Boston shares recipes and “accessible healthy tips” on her social media pages.

She explained her method to keep strawberries from going mouldy.

Jenna said: “As soon as you get home from the store wash them really well and then line a container with paper towels.

“Once the strawberries have dried off add them to the bowl and then store them in the fridge. That’s literally it.”

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