Sourdough starter recipe: How to make sourdough starter

Sourdough starter recipes come amongst the most simple for bread makers, whether amateur or otherwise. Not many people will have attempted bread before, and sourdough is a great way to introduce people to the process. The recipe requires lengthy preparation, but once complete will allow anyone to make a loaf of bread in less than an hour.

How to make a sourdough starter

The beauty of a sourdough starter is that it requires just three ingredients.

People need only combine yeast, water and flour to make their bread, and directions will help them arrive at different consistencies.

While simple on the face of it, the entire process will take roughly a week.


  • Three-quarters of a large jar
  • One bag of unbleached all-purpose flour
  • 60 grams of wheat flour
  • Warm water


Day one

Mix the 60g of whole wheat flour with the 60g of warm water together in a large jar.

Stir them with a fork until the mixture is smooth, cover it with a plastic wrap or a lid, and leave it to rest in roughly 23C temperatures.

Day two

By day two, people should notice a layer of bubbles developing on top of the mixture.

Not everyone will see them, as some may have appeared and receded overnight, but leave it to rest for another 24 hours.

If a stinky, brown liquid also appears, it should be left alone.

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Day three

The feeding process starts on day three and requires people to remove half of the starter from the jar, leaving roughly 60g.

Add 60 grams of flour and another 60g of warm water, and mix it until smooth.

The texture should look like yoghurt, so add more water if necessary and leave it for another 24 hours.

Days four through six

Over the next three days, people will need to repeat the process of day three.

During this time the yeast will start to develop, and people will notice it bubbles and rises before feeding.

Day seven

And on the seventh day….they created sourdough starter.

The sourdough starter should have doubled in size, plenty of bubbles formed, and the texture smooth.

A finished starter will also smell pleasant, and people can transfer it to a new, clean jar before use.

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